Robbie & Emily's family

From Shenzhen

Sabrina worked in a bank credit department in MUFG( a commercial Japanese bank). Now she is a housewife and takes care of the kids. Her family lives in Shenzhen, which is very close with Hong Kong. Sabrina is fluent in English.

Her two kids are Robbie(11 years old) and Emily(7 years old). Robbie is very strict with everything and he loves making new friends. He likes reading very much, he reads everything, such as science, history, math, detective fictions and fairy tales. Emily is a independent girl, who always has her own judge for the things. She likes swimming, ballet and drawing. Sabrina’s husband is named Tony and he works for a very big company as a manager. Her family likes travelling very much and they hope you will enjoy every moment when you are in China.

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