Loring & Leo's family

From Shenzhen

Mr.Shan’s family is living in Shenzhen, which is located in the south of China, very close to Hong Kong. There are 4 members in the family: the father, the mother and two boys. Loring is 7 years old and Leo is 4 years old, both of them are very lovely.

The parents are engaging in trading business of fashionable accessories for girls. They have branch companies in Los Angeles and London etc.. The kids are going to study in USA next year. Loring speaks English fluently and he’s still in the US. He will come back to China during summer and winter holidays. Loring can talk with foreigners without any problem, but Leo doesn’t know much English for now. The parents hope you can help improve their English level and will treat you as a family member and show you Chinese culture.

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