Zheng Mingtao's family

From Huizhou

This lovely family is living in a southern city called Huizhou. Huizhou City is a famous historic and cultural city in Guangdong province. It boasts the name of ″the famous shire in south of the Five Ridges ″and ″the gateway of eastern Guangdong ″in ancient time.  Huizhou City is rich in the natural resources, especially tourist resources.

This a big family with four members. The son Zheng Mingtao is almost 3 years old and 5.5 years old niece Chenchen is also living with the family. The boy Taotao loves playing with toy cars and also enjoys going out and attending classes at his preschool. The niece, Chenchen, loves studying and going to kindergarten. She also likes sports, dance and swimming. And she plays piano one hour per day, she also goes to Shenzhen every Sunday for piano lessons. She can adapt to new environment very fast and she likes to travel too. In this family, the host father works for Service Department of Huizhou Government, and the host mother works as a financial manager in a company. It’ll be a great honor for them to have a Cultural Exchange participant in their family. They will try the best to open the gate to Chinese culture for you

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