Hce Teacher

Partner with one of our affiliated educational organizations and establish your career as a teacher or teaching assistant

    Basic Information

  • Teach in a Chinese educational organization

  • Apply at any time

    This program is perfect for you if

  • You have experience teaching children

  • You have a college diploma or equivalent educational credentials

  • You're positive, responsible and dependable

  • You have a teaching certificate

    * only necessary for some positions

    What responsibilities will you have?

  • Full time teacher job - 40 hours a week / 8 hours a day as an English teacher or teaching assistant in a Chinese educational organization

    What are the benefits of this program?

  • ¥ 12000 - 14000 salary per month

    These expenses will be covered by us

  • Round-trip airfare allowance

  • International insurance

    What is your fee?

  • Visa application fee

Apply for this program
  • 12 -24 Months program duration
  • ¥ 12000 - 14000 salary per month
  • Some positions require teaching certificate