Hanging out with My Beijing Brothers

by Travis - HCE Mentor

Xue Li set me up with a host family in Beijing in the fall of 2013. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from getting me more details about the program and helping me get to know my host family to arranging my travel, checking in on me frequently and taking care of my return flight when the program ended.

My program was a standard cultural exchange, and I had the responsibility of educating and entertaining my two host brothers, ages 9 and 12. The one twist: my host father was a famous Chinese singer and actor! My contract only required a few hours a day, amounting to under 25 hours each week playing with my siblings and practicing English. My family was very flexible about my schedule, and gave me tons of freedom to explore Beijing and make the most of my travel experience. Living with my host family gave me a perfect opportunity to taste countless new Chinese dishes, learn about the language and culture, and taste a bit of the high life. While each participant’s HCE experience is different, being a satisfying and memorable experience is something you can count on. 

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