My experience with HCE

by Travis - HCE Mentor

Lily (Xue Li) helped set me up with a host family in Beijing in the fall of 2013.   She was extremely helpful in getting me information about the program, setting up my arrival, checking in on me while I was in Beijing and helping me on my return to the U.S.

My program was a pretty simple host family/international exchange: I had the responsibility of educating and entertaining my two host brothers, 9 and 12 at the time.  The contract I had signed was for just a few hours a day, totalling less than 25 hours per week.  My family was very lax and flexible about this schedule.   Living with this host family I was able to eat may new Chinese dishes, learn about this culture and language, and had the special opportunity of living with a Chinese celebrity (the host dad is a famous Chinese singer/actor named Allen Lin).  

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