Spotlight: Justin

HCE Explorer

Justin joined the HCE program while studying at the University of Colorado. Before graduating, he hoped to make some exciting memories exploring the home of his grandparents—China.

Justin got off to a great start, building a friendship with Alex, his host brother, before he’d even left the country. Alex is 18 years old, and his family plans to send him to America for his university education. Since Justin and Alex are around the same age, they have tons in common, and learned a lot from their time together.

Alex benefited from Justin’s cultural and educational experiences in America. Before he even began applying to universities, he’d already learned all about college life and American culture while improving his English skills. Justin’s guidance made a definite impact on Alex’s confidence towards his own international journey.

Meanwhile, Alex showed Justin a great time in China, introducing him to many interesting places and experiences. Justin had fun at Alex’s birthday party, and got to meet all his Chinese friends. Alex even organized a trip for Justin and his friends to visit beautiful Yunnan province, which is famous for its natural beauty, wonderful climate and delicious local food. To say Justin enjoyed the trip would be an understatement.

Although their three months together went by in a flash, Alex started his own visa application process as soon as Justin finished his program. The two “brothers” look forward to continuing their friendship in America!

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