Spotlight: Jubal

HCE Mentor

Jubal attended HCE Mentor program in Beijing from December 2014 to June 2015. A graduate of Washington State University, he arrived during Bejing’s cold, windy winter. Despite the weather, he still enjoyed his time in Beijing immensely. He and Nemo, his 7 year-old host brother, often played with Legos together, sharing ideas and collaborating on projects. They had tons of fun practicing English by hanging out and playing, and Nemo’s English improved greatly thanks to Jubal’s influence.

Jubal had a relaxed, stable schedule that allowed him plenty of freedom to explore on his own. Nemo went to school from Monday to Friday, so Jubal was usually free on weekdays during the daytime. Sometimes he taught English to Nemo’s mother, reading a book or watching a movie together.

Jubal especially loved Wednesdays and Thursdays, which were his days off. On those days, his HCE program coordinator organized interesting activities and trips around Beijing for him and other HCE program participants.

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