Interview with Joseph

HCE Mentor

Joseph attended HCE Mentor program in Beijing from December 2014 until June 2015. He is from Missouri. He thinks the most interesting thing for this program is difference. He had many “first time” in Beijing, especially the food. He thinks Chinese food is very delicious. When he finished the program, there were still some delicious foods that he never tried.

Many applicants may be worried about the air pollution in China. Let’s see how Joseph describe the air in Beijing: “After being here however, I have come to realize that it is not all that bad, depending upon the wind that day. Though this city has its good days and its bad days, most days are entirely bearable, and do not require any type of breathing apparatus! There are plenty of ways to monitor the air quality as well. I have a mask myself, but rarely resort to using it.”

Joseph’s host kid Eric is a lovely boy who loves sports very much. They usually played football, skiing etc. Eric also introduced Joseph to his classmates. Joseph felt glad that he became a member of their team. On weekends, Eric liked to bring Joseph to visit interesting places of Beijing, and Joseph took care of Eric’s safety. They are like real brothers.

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