Interview with Geliza

HCE Mentor

Geliza attended HCE Mentor program in Beijing from January 2015 until July 2015. Geliza graduated from Whatcom Community College. She thinks this is a good opportunity to learn real China and Chinese people. Her host family is in Beijing. They run a kinder garden in China. Her host family and she always exchanged some education ideas with each other.

Here are Geliza’s host kids, they are lovely. They cannot speak English very fluently, but they learn very fast. Usually Geliza played games with them, Geliza would think about some topics, then the host kids and her acedt as different roles to play a story. Geliza told that she often taught English songs to her host kids, even though they do not understand what the song is about in the beginning, after many times, they can not only sing but also understand the meaning. They also like to do some handcraft with Geliza.

Geliza said Beijing is a big city, but the transportation is very convenient. There are about 15 subway lines in the city, she visited many places In Beijing by subway, she said she was not afraid getting lost because most of the young people can speak English and there were many foreigners on the street. Geliza always explored the city when day off time, such as Hutong, 798 art zone, small local restaurant. She thinks HCE is really a good program for American young people to see different world.

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